North Borneo First Stamps Issue (1883-1884) - Value Guide


The British North Borneo Company acquired a royal charter in 1881. In March 1883, the first North Borneo stamps were introduced with the 2c stamp being the first issue. This is unwatermarked and perforated 12. They were designed by T. MacDonald and printed in lithography by Blades, East and Blades in London. Stamps no [1] to no [5] are perforated 12 while no [6] and [7] are perforated 14.

[1] [2] [3]

Because of a high demand for a higher values stamp, the 8 cents surcharge was introduced in June 1883. Proper stamps were later introduced in July 1883, values 4c (pink) and 8c (green) as well as the 50c (violet) and $1 (scarlet).
[4] [5] [6] [7]

The approx. prices in the table below are quoted from 3 well known stamps catalogues, namely Stanley Gibbons, Scotts and Yvert Tellier. The average price (in £) is proposed by taking an average values between these 3 catalogues but also include other catalogues. This should give you a fair idea with regards to your stamps values. However, the general market price, notably in e-bay can be somewhat lower due to increasing availability, thus a rough guide should be around 25%-70% of the said values.

S.Gibbons (£)
Yvert Tellier(€)
Average (£)
1. 2c
2. 8c on 2c
3. 8c on 2c
4. 4c
5. 8c
6. 50c
7. $1
Note: Stamp [1] to [5] should have a perforation 12. Stamp [2] has perf 14 and is therefore a forged stamp, I'm only showing the characteristic of the surcharge. Stamp [6] and [7] are perforated 14

This article is no longer maintained and is inaccurate.
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Unknown said...

I have a North Borneo 1 Dollar stamp, i was wondering how much it is worth? Anyone?? x

Marcel said...

You can count the number of pearls at the side in the stamp, if its 13 then it's the 1886-87 issue and should be quite expensive for mint. If it's 14 then average value for mint is probably around £10. Used stamps sell for much cheaper.

Unknown said...

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