The Fake "Kuching" Postmark?


I recently came across to this nice stamp in ebay, bearing a supposedly rare postmark. The first thing that you'll notice is the oval of bars postmark at the top right corner, which means that the stamp is originally cancelled-to-ordered.

I don't know the exact date but it is likely to be Oct 192_. This date is problematic because the stamp is released on the 1st of July 1909 and overprinted with "20 cents" on the 7th of September 1909 (only after 2 months of its release). The town is probably Kuching because the third letter resembles C more than D. However, because Kuching is a 7 letter word, while Kudat is a 5 letter word, the K would be much lower in the circle if it was Kuching.

There is a similar stamp here (Silamstar's). Compare the postmark, particularly the town and date.

Labuk & Sugut postmark


This week has been a great week where one of the rarest North Borneo postmarks of Labuk & Sugut apperead in ebay. It's nice to know that the final price of the stamps reached $316.00, making it the single most expensive cds of North Borneo in ebay so far this year.

Labuk and Sugut district, which forms part of the Sandakan Residency, is of vast extent and embraces the country drained by the Labuk, Sugut and Paitan Rivers. It joins the district of Marudu in the north and the Interior Residency in the west. The head-quarters of the district were at Klagan (on the Labuk River), seven hours from Sandakan by launch, but owing to the difficulties of the bar and the fact that the station was continually being flooded, it was moved to Beluran in Labuk Bay. With some exception, almost all of the travelling to Klagan HQ has to be done by native boat. The country, a region of vast, gloomy forests, is sparsely inhabited save in the river area, where Orang Sungei (River Folk) are found.

The date of the cds is probably 23 FEB 1907. Proud recorded the dates to be from 6 MAY 1903 to 2 NOV 1907. Examples of cds dated 30 OCT 1912 on 20c and and 25c stamps and 30 OCT 1916, are all possibly CTOs. The picture above shows the Labuk & Sugut postmarks, taken from Sarawak Specialist Society site (ref. Robert S. Cragg). The cds are more obvious and clear, showing similar dates of 30 OCT 1912.

From the same seller, there's also a Brooketon cds on North Borneo and Sarawak stamps, which sells for $162.49.

Jesselton Sunset


Finally I'm back in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. If you are thinking of visiting Kota Kinabalu, don't forget to visit the Tanjung Aru beach (pic)!!!

Most Expensive North Borneo Stamps in Ebay May 2010


"Most Interesting, Most Expensive May 2010"

For the month of May, I haven't been able to religiously follow the ebay. Nevertheless, I think some of the most expensive stuffs of the months have been well noted.   The cumulative value of the top 5 items this month is $ 1602.40. I personally think that the one on rank 3 deserves special mention although, unfortunately, the picture has been deleted quite early. I have been eyeing on the cover but without no luck :(





This is an excellent collection of North Borneo stamps especially as a base to expand an existing collection. This has been described as below. The stamps are mostly CTOs although some rare stamps noted.

Ended 15.05.2010

SG Cat price



26 bids



This $10 stamp is among the rare types of North Borneo stamps. Overall, the stamp is in very good condition with well preserved perforations. The mint catalogue value in Stanley Gibbons is £375. Similar stamp appeared in January 2010, and reached a final price of $360.
Ended 29.05.2010

SG Cat price £375



41 bids


No Image Available

On Government Service" cover postmarked February 6 1940 Jesselton North Borneo. Registered, censored cover with additional red rubber stamp in the lower left corner of the "Postmaster General / British North Borneo". Two large areas of red sealing wax on the reverse - each impressed with a seal - "Supt. Govt. Telegraphs / B.N.B." Also on the reverse are in transit markings from Singapore February 12 1940 and Seattle(?) Wash (Terminal Annex) Registered. Includes a signed statement from the Postmaster General, Department of Posts & Telegraphs, Jesseltown, North Borneo. Neatly opened left side. Edge wear.

Ended 27.05.10

SG Cat Price (?)

12 bids



The famous Parker cover of North Borneo. The cover is philatelic in nature, but I think would make an excellent piece for exhibition.

Ended 12.05.2010

SG Cat Price



2 bids



This collection of the North Borneo Company 50th anniversary is my favourite design of all North Borneo stamps. I have several full sets of them. This is considered by many as among the most beautiful British Commonwealth stamps design. Look at a more detail description here.
Ended 29.05.2010

SG Cat Price


25 bids

The selection criteria for this list include (a) stamps/philatelic items of North Borneo appearing in ebay, (b) must be available internationally and (c) must be on auction format only.

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