The Fake "Kuching" Postmark?


I recently came across to this nice stamp in ebay, bearing a supposedly rare postmark. The first thing that you'll notice is the oval of bars postmark at the top right corner, which means that the stamp is originally cancelled-to-ordered.

I don't know the exact date but it is likely to be Oct 192_. This date is problematic because the stamp is released on the 1st of July 1909 and overprinted with "20 cents" on the 7th of September 1909 (only after 2 months of its release). The town is probably Kuching because the third letter resembles C more than D. However, because Kuching is a 7 letter word, while Kudat is a 5 letter word, the K would be much lower in the circle if it was Kuching.

There is a similar stamp here (Silamstar's). Compare the postmark, particularly the town and date.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcel, this circular datestamp appears to be that of 'Kuching" as the 'K' is well placed to level it with the month 'OC'. If this cds is 'Kuching' and looks quite a real one, it is not supposed to be on this stamp at all. After this stamp and others of NB had been dummy cancelled and sold to the dealers and then to the collectors anywhere might be, this one came to be in Kuching in the 1920's and got itself another postmark cancelled by favour. This is how it has appeared to be with this combination of cancels and "Kuching" cannot be a fake....sarawakiana

Marcel said...

Dear Sarawakiana,

Thank you for sharing with us some explanation on this particular stamp. It is really nice to know that it is actually cancelled twice :)


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