Censored Japanese Occupation Cover 1942



This is a rare Japanese occupation cover of North Borneo that appeared in ebay and ended in 15 April 2010. It reached a final price of $717.77      (€ 558), one of the most expensive covers in ebay so far. It was listed by a fellow Malaysian seller, sarawakiana. He described it as " Imperial Japanese Government (Dai Nippon Teikoku Seifu) single line overprint on the 1c, 4c, and war tax 1 cent. Cancelled by Sandakan postmark of 20.4.18 (20.4.1942) and censored at Sandakan central post office. Addressed to Lahad Datu".

Note: I am supposed to list the top 5 items in ebay for April, however, I decided to combine it with next month's list. :)


Anonymous said...

You mentioned that date as 20th April 1942, has the Japanese started using the rubber stamp postmark? And secondly, are the stamps overprinted in Japanese yet?

Marcel said...

Dear anonymous,

In 1942, the stamps have been overprinted with a single line Japanese characters (handstamped) from the previous 1939 edition.

Marcel said...

The seller mentioned the date to be "20.04.1942", but the year plug is "18" which is a Showa year of 1943 (or dynastic year 2603). The seller made an honest mistake. The postmark is violet Sandakan JD1 (Proud).

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