Interesting Stampless North Borneo Covers


Early cover from North Borneo?

Saw this cover in ebay sometime ago but I'm not sure what exactly it was. The heading says "THE BRITISH NORTH BORNEO COMPANY" similar to the government official cover eg. OHMS. The only postmark on the cover is the red ink London Paid postmark, 7 Dec 1890. No other postmarks from North Borneo. Is this kind of cover commonly used by the company in 1890s? Has anyone got any information about this?


Jesselton 20c Paid Postmark

Another interesting stampless OHMS cover from North Borneo to Denmark. It is marked with Jesselton 20c Paid postmark dated 22 Feb 1956. The lower left corner of the cover is also strucked with violet cachet of the Department of Posts & Telegraphs, Colony of North Borneo, Jesselton. There is certainly no reference on this postmark in Proud's book, which makes it a nice collectable.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcel,

Is these from SSS auction ?

Happy Hunting


Marcel said...

Hi Anthony,

No they both were listed in ebay. First cover ended last month, while the second ended last week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcel,

Yes,found already, won by our friend from kk.


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