Post War 3-line postmark


BMA Postmark

After being relatively inactive in stamps for about 2 months, I am now back into the usual stamps hunting. The latest addition to my collection are these 8 covers with the 3-line post-war cancels of Sandakan and Brunei. These postmarks were supplied by the New Straits, Singapore after the war and thus would usually appear on the BMA stamps, commonly from 1945-1946.

In North Borneo, there are postmarks for Jesselton, Tenom, Tawao, Sandakan, Lahad Datu, Labuan, Kudat and Beaufort. The Jesselton mark is only for proof strike and not seen postally used. The postmark from Beaufort and Tawao are probably the rarer ones among these. The Labuan postmark on the other hand has a morse code for "B.M.A" which is relatively unique among the others.

The 3-line postmarks were also produced for use in Brunei and Sarawak. For Brunei, there are 4 varieties of postmarks from the two towns - Brunei and Kuala Belait. In Sarawak there are postmarks produced for Sibu, Marudi, Bintulu and Lawas. The Lawas postmark has only 2 lines.


Anonymous said...

Ink on the Sandakan linotype appears very fresh and none of them actually tied to the covers. Any receiving marks may I ask?

My 2c.


Marcel said...

Hello GE,

Thanks for pointing that out. There are no receiving postmarks whatsoever, and of course 3 of the covers are without address. Do you reckon that these are forged? I had the same feeling first but bought them anyway for approx. $8 each...Oh well, perhaps I can keep them for my reference.


Anonymous said...

$8 each !!! ??? That would be the bargain of the year if found genuine, which after all is the case until proven otherwise. Well done ! Did you bring them back to KK?

Marcel said...

I will be coming back to KK in about a week time, at which time I will certainly show them to you guys for evaluation.
I have to catch up with the usual gathering too...


Anonymous said...

Brunei O.K., Sandakan ???paham-pahamlah. LINDA

Marcel said...

Yeah the Brunei are probably ok. After closer look the Sandakan are almost certainly forged especially obvious on the topmost picture! The circular mark is just so wrong both the dimension as well as the ink!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcel,
See you at kk then.

Michael5000 said...

Hi Marcel -- Your North Borneo stamp images are quite lovely. I thought I'd let you know that I referenced you in the weekly stamp feature of my own blog today, here.

Anonymous said...

3-line pmks
(a) Labuan, Brunei & Kuala Belait - reasonably easy to come by
(b) N Borneo - except for Sandakan, the others are difficult, with Lahad Datu, Kudat, Beaufort, Tenom, Tawao probably in that ascending order of difficulty.
(c) Sarawak - Sibu is very common. Lawas is difficult - I have seen a few covers so far. I have seen only one Marudi on cover, but never a Bintulu!
g-matang, Kuching, Sarawak

Anonymous said...

The Sandakan ones are most likely genuine but CTO as whole sets of North Borneo and Sarawak BMA issues exist with this cancellation off cover.
By the way, you should resume posting on your blog.
Your followers miss you.

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