North Borneo Stamps: Forgeries and Fakes


Stamps forgeries and fakes are the disease of stamps collection. Many forged stamps can be easily detected while some go unnoticed even to the experts eyes. Like many countries, North Borneo stamps are also targeted by the unscrupulous counterfeiters especially the high-value and rare stamps. The term "forgery" and "fake" are used to describe these. These term are usually used interchangably but in strict term they are quite distinct. Forgeries refer to the reproduction of existing genuine stamps to defraud collectors. Fakes on the other hand refer to genuine stamps that have been altered to increase their values and make them more presentable. This includes regumming, reperforated, marked with forged cancellations, surcharges or overprints.

North Borneo Stamps

SG 1 - North Borneo first stamp (1883)
SG 2 - 8 cents surcharge on 2 cents (1883)
SG 3 - 8 cents surcharge on 2 cents (1883)
Fournier forged surcharges (1886) Click HERE and another picture HERE
Issues of 1886-1887
Issues of 1888-1892
Issues of 1916 (Maltese cross) Reference HERE.
Japanese overprints (1944)

Labuan Stamps

Queen Issues

North Borneo & Labuan Postmark

Fake Jesselton Postmark I: 22 AUG 1911 (Madame Joseph Forgery)
Fake Jesselton Postmark II: 22 AUG 1931
Fake Jesselton Postmark III: 22 AUG 1941
Fake Jesselton Postmark IV: 20 AU 49 (Dash before Jesselton)
Fake Jesselton Postmark V: 15 JA 48
Fake Beaufort Postmark: 14 NOV 1918
Fake Kudat Postmark: AU 15 1899
Fake Labuan Postmark I: Oval of 9 bars (1883-1908)
Fake Labuan Postmark II: 28 JUL 1910
Fake Labuan Postmark III: 11 NOV 1946
Fake Sandakan Postmark I: Oval of 14 bars (1887-1891)
Fake Sandakan Postmark II: Eye-shaped with 19 bars (1889-1894)
Fake Sandakan Postmark III: 23 JUN 1886 (Fournier Forgery)
Fake Sandakan Postmark IV: 11 MAR 1887
Fake Sandakan Postmark V: 16 JAN 1916
Fake Sandakan Postmark VI: 1 NOV 1918
Fake Japanese Occupation Postmark I: "17 11 21" (21 NOV 1942)
Fake Japanese Occupation Postmark II: "18 3 1" (1 MAR 1943)

Note: These are the well-documented forgeries and fake postmarks of North Borneo stamps.
I believe, there are many more unnoticed and suspicious postmark around.

Sarawak Stamps

Brunei Stamps



Anonymous said...

Fake Labuan postmark 16 NOV 00 (1900) use in 1899 overprint 4cents,the "00" is smaller. I have 16 NOV 00 (1900) "00" is bigger? said...

Please click my blog Blog by Dr Iwan S. and made cmperatived study with your collections. please
send comment are my Collection postmark like sandakan,kudat and Limbang are fake or Guinine. search the info at Sarawak Unique Collections ,related Area.
Greeting from the founders of
Dr iwan S.
April.12th 2010

Marcel said...

To anonymous, Thank you for the information on Fake Labuan postmark of 16 Nov 00. It surely adds to our knowledge on N. Borneo forgeries.

Thank you Dr. Iwan for your nice blog!

Crispin said...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone recommend George eveleth ? Is it safe to do business with him. he wants stamp collection mailed no value or identificatio declared and he will appraise. Has anyone sent stamp collections to him had them returned free of forgery replacement and done successful business with spink shreve

Anonymous said...

Enter your comment...Hello everyone. If you have any interest at all in the forgeries of BNB stamps, then you ought to look at an item I discovered today on Ebay. The stamp is for sale by Angloamericanappraisal on Ebay (Item Number 380641937758) on May 20, 2013. Angloamerican described the stamp as follows: "North Borneo 1886 Arms 1c Orange Rare Perf 16 (Sg9var) MLH
A very fresh example of this rare stamp: 1c orange perf 16 instead of perf 14 with bright color, VF centering, and lightly hinged OG (slightly disturbed) Un-priced in Gibbons or Scott but apparently very rare. Sound and VF." Harvested from: I wrote to Angloamerican and pointed out this stamp was likely a forgery, but in a return email, the seller insisted it was not a fake and stated flatly that it was "genuine". What do you all think?

Unknown said...

Hello I wonder if you can take a look at my 1/2 cent stamp.

I wonder how to recognize forgery of this stamp.

Many thanks.

British North Borneo - ½ Cent (1886)


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