Fake North Borneo Postcards


Postcard 1

Another junk being offered in the internet. A postcard with monkeys and a stamp depicting another ape - what's more impressive than that? I have no idea as to when this postcard is produced but it seems that this type of colourful postcards are all forgeries. But the immitation is really bad that to refer to it as a "forgery" seems to give some credit to it!

Postcard 2

This postcard appeared in one of the internet auction sites and offered for €10 from a seller in France. Four "North Borneo" stamps with the oval of bars postmark are glued on each corner of the postcard.  Apparently the postmarks do not appear on the postcard, not suprisingly because the postmarks are forged and probably printed at the same time as the stamps. The stamps look very coarse, lack of details in the design and awfully poor colour. Suprisingly, the picture of this postcard also appears in Proud's Postal History of North Borneo but without any description (page 152)!

Postcard 3

This is another postcard that appeared in ebay and ended on 29 Jan 2010. One forged stamp was used and pasted on the lower left corner of the postcard. Again, the postmark appears to suddenly vanish beyond the stamp surface. If you compare this 2 cent stamp to the one on the top postcard, you'll notice that they are actually identical! The Position of the postmark, the angle etc are all identical, which means that they are printed by the same individual. This particular postcard was offered for $49.99 from a seller in Netherlands.


Bendav Postcards said...

Hello webmaster,

I just found your website and read your text about the above items. May be good to know that these are no forgeries simply because these are no postcards. The mentioned items are so called collector cards and published during the early 1900s for commercial purpose.

On eBay these cards appear in the postcard category because lots of postcard collectors also add these trade cards to their collection. The eBay sellers, that offer these cards should mention this and the size of those cards in their advertisements. We, from Bendav Postcards, always do. Same with our North Borneo real photos by the way!

Hope this information is helpfull.

Kind regards,

Dave Essing
Bendav Postcards
on eBay: BEN*DAV
(We have quite some North Borneo photos and postcards in stock!)

Marcel said...

Dear Dave,

Thank you for sharing the information. It's always nice to know! Looking forward for your North Borneo postcards for sale in ebay :)


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