My BMA Cover 1946 (Complete Set)



This is a post-war registered cover franked with complete set of North Borneo stamps overprinted BMA (1945). 18 stamps used on the cover with 1c, 20c and 50c used twice. The cover is addressed to Mr. C.J. Collinson of London from Victoria, Labuan dated "30 AU 46". The registration number is 109, and sent via airmail. The cover itself is, I believe, issued by the Department of the Army Australia. At the back, there is a red wax seal, still intact and preserved. The SG catalogue price off cover for all 15 stamps is £110, on cover the value is £110 X 3 = approx. £330.


The Japanese army occupied North Borneo from 1942-1945. In June 1945 the Australian 9th Division landed in Brunei and liberated much of North Borneo before the end of the war. North Borneo was placed under British Military Administration (BMA) until  the British North Borneo Company decided to sell its interests to the British government in July 15, 1946 to become the British crown colony.  


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