My Curtiss Jenny Stamps in my Jr album



This is my Curtiss Jenny stamps in Scott International Jr. stamp album that I've been having for some years. The 6 cents and the 16 cents are in pretty bad condition and I'm sure they wouldn't even worth 10% of the Scotts quoted price. The 24 cents stamp however, though not mathematically centered, appears sound and in very good condition. This particular stamp is probably the most recognisable US stamp, thanks to it's inverted variety or 'inverted Jenny' which would fetch about 275,000 USD for hinged and 375,000 for the unhinged. Even though these stamps are catalogued according to denominations in Scott catalogue, they are by no means chronologically right. The 24 cents is actually the first airmail stamp issued in May 1918, followed by the 16 cents in July and subsequently the 6 cents in December. That probably explains why we have the inverted 24 cents while not in the other denominations.

Curtiss Jenny 


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