Interasia Auction: A Review


Victory of Cultural Revolution Block                  1897 Red Revenue Stamp                      1968 "Whole Country is Red"


From 30-31 January 2010, Interasia acution house based in Hong Kong held a historical stamps auction which they reported as the largest ever sale of China stamps anywhere in the world. Cumulative price realisations for all auction was HK$ 57 million (£4.76 million). The auction also made an important milestone in the Chinese philatelic circle by fetching the most expensive Chinese stamp and Chinese philatelic item. The block of four stamps of 1968 "Victory of Cultural Revolution" managed to reach a jaw dropping hammer price of HK$ 6.67 million (£556,255), making it the most expensive and valuable philatelic material of China. Another mind blowing record was the 1897 red revenue stamp of $1 on 3 cents, reaching HK$ 5.52 million (£460,400), making it the single most expensive Chinese stamp to date. Another highlight in the auction was the 1968 stamp of "The whole county is red", reaching a magnificient price realisation of HK$ 3.45 million (£287,770). These prices include a 15% buyer's premium.

North Borneo Auction?

This particular stamp was the most expensive North Borneo stamp in the auction, reaching a hammer price of HK$ 32,200 (£2680). This is an SG #54 with a catalogue value of £9000, issued in 1891-1892, with a 6 cents surcharge on the 8 cents. This is a well centered stamp, clean surface and good fresh colour. Seller also mentioned a small thin spot, light horizontal crease (from hinging), unused with part original gum. The stamp also comes with a B.P.A certificate of authenticity 2009.

This lot comes second in North Borneo category, reaching a hammer price of HK$ 20,000 (£1666). This lot consists of 1889 "and Revenue" overprint ½c. and 10c., 1886 perf. 14 3c. and 5c. surcharges (2 sets), 1886-87 to 50c. (unused) with 1c. pink in pair with 4c., 1889 $5 (2) and $10, 1892 8c. on 25c., 1891-92 6c. on 10c. "Postage & Revenue" (2, unused), 1894 Pictorial set, 1894 50c. (3) to $5, 1897-1902 Pictorial set, plus corrected inscriptions 18c. and 24c., 1899 4c. on 5c. to 4c. on $5 (narrow setting), 1916 2c. on 3c. and 4c. on 6c. "s" inverted, 1922 Malaya-Borneo set, 1931 50th Anniv. set, 1939 1c. to $5, and Postage Dues with 1895-97 2c. to 24c., 1897-99 to 12c., 18c. and 24c., 1901 3c. to 8c., 1902-12 "British Protectorate" basic set less 16c. and 1918-30 Dues, some duplication, mixed condition with some faults particularly on earlier issues (including some stamps noted above) and some toning and tone spots as to be expected, overall a fine and valuable collection.


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