World's Most Expensive Stamp For Sale in May 2010! Yellow Tre Skilling!


Believe it or not this one stamp is the world's most expensive stamp! In 1996, it stunned the philatelic world by reaching a hammer price of $2.3 million at a David Feldman auction in Zurich, Switzerland. By calculating its insignificant weight, this must be the world's most valuable thing on Earth at $85.98 billion per kilogram! It is generally proposed that when the printing of the yellow 8 Skilling Banco was underway, one of the printing clichés was damaged and had to be replaced in the forme. In error, a 3 Skilling Banco printing cliché was possibly inserted. In May 2010, David Feldman will one more time have the honour to sell this stamp and I wonder how much the hammer price will be. Please visit his website here: David Feldman. More information about the tre skilling stamp error and other rare stamps, read Glen Stephens' article in his website.


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