Postage Paid Postmark of North Borneo?



This is my 2 cent stamp (1886 issue) tied with a blue cancel of the rare lion pictorial.The stamp has a perforation 14, which is the 1886 issue (SG10). The postmark is in blue colour, with the lion symbol fairly clear on top. There is a date at the bottom (25 OC ?) but unfortunately the year is not visible. The picture below (taken from Shipman's Postal History of North Borneo) may give us some indication as to the year i.e. 1887!

Postage Paid Postmark?

To begin with, Postage Paid is basically a mark, indicia or stamp on an envelope to indicate that the correct postage has paid. There are very limited references with regards to this blue postmark and in Proud's book, and this particular postmark is not even shown. There is however a similar postmark, the Sandakan Postage Paid 2 (PP2), showing a circular mark with the lion on top, and incsribed "POSTAGE PAID" in the middle and "1 CENT" at the bottom. Just for the records, here are the other postage paid postmark of North Borneo:

PD2 (Usage: 29.10.92 - 1.12.99)

Similar PD2 postmark

PD4 State 1 (Usage: Possibly around 1901)

Very faint PD4 State 2 (Usage: From 16.6.1930)


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