Kudat postmark on the 18 cents stamps


Got this picture from Anthony recently. I think the postmark is very nice and worth a mention, and is especially related to my post about the Kudat vs Kuching postmark here. The date in the Kudat postmark is 31 MAR 1911. I don't know how, but the stamps may have been kept for a while before being used in 1911, as the stamps are released in 1909 and overprinted in the same year just after 2 months. But the postmark is definetely Kudat, while the one I posted before was Kuching:

Sarawakiana concludes that the Kuching postmark on the stamp may be cancelled by favour on a previously dummy-cancelled N. Borneo stamps. Nevertheless, I think it's always nice to have both Kudat and Kuching postmarks on the same stamps for comparison...


Anonymous said...

Yes, the situation is getting clearer now, I can now confirm my copy was real KUDAT pmk. I see that you've posted Anthony's pair of the 18c, I shall not post it again in my blog. Good job, Marcel !


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