Curious Postmarks


Postmark 1

Only "UL" and possibly "A" can be seen from the cds.
Could this be the "TANGKULAP" postmark?

Postmark 2

This postmark appeared in ebay. Interestingly, there are 3 different
postmarks on the stamp. (1) The blue ink oval for "AC" (2) Black
double ring Singapore P.O and (3) Very faint violet postmark vertically
that possibly writes "ABRAHAMSON", the letter "A" is  vaguely
visible on top of the ship.

Postmark 3

Not sure what postmark this is - Double ring mark with fairly visible
"ITTS.  N" (??) letters.
Postmark 4

Another curious postmark with a boxed red ink.
Can't see any letters or symbol...

All stamps appeared in ebay sometime ago.
Comments are appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Postmark 4 has a chinese character on it , 興 or 與

Marcel said...

What would there characters likely to imply?

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