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Papar is a small town in the West Coast division of Sabah, mainly populated by Kadazandusun, Malays and Chinese. There are several interesting postmarks coming from this small town. Examples of the postmarks are as below:


North Borneo Papar 1949 (21 Oct.) envelope to England, bearing 1947 2c. and 1949 UPU 8c. sharing a distorted strike of the papar/north borneo rubber c.d.s. (Type D1), Jesselton transit c.d.s. (24.10) on reverse; the envelope with minor foxing in places and the envelope roughly opened though a good example of this short-lived c.d.s.
Note: The cover is estimated at S$600. The inner ring in the postmark is wavy rather than a smooth circular line as portrayed in Proud's book.

North Borneo Papar 10 Oct 1949 First Day Cover to Jesselton. Bears a single 8 cents stamp of the 1949 UPU design. The cover bears a clear Papar postmark (D1) with its characteristic wavy line of the inner ring as well as slight distortion of the outer ring.
(Ref. Silamstar.)

North Borneo FDC of Papar 1950 (1 Jul) envelope, bearing 1950-52 1c., 2c., 3c., 4c., 5c., 8c. and 10c. with superb strike of the papar/North Borneo c.d.s. (Type D2) in violet.
Note: Appeared in ebay on 23 June 2010. Sold at $23.50. I think this is the good thing about ebay, sometimes you'll get a good bargain on such a good cover and postmark although this is not always the case.

North Borneo FDC of Papar dtaed 1st July 1950. Addressed to Mr. Chong Si Yin of Jesselton, North Borneo. Also shows a very clear and attractive violet postmark of Papar (D2). The postmark is used from 06.05.1950 to 02.07.1951. Inscribed "First Day Cover" 1st July 1950 / Colony of North Borneo at the top left corner. Proud indicates that the postmark is almost always found in violet ink, so perhaps there are examples of this postmark with other colour.
(Ref. Silamstar)

North Borneo Papar 1951 (11 Jan.) airmail envelope registered to India bearing, on reverse, 1950-52 20c. vertical strip of three twice cancelled by papar/North Borneo c.d.s. (Type D2) in violet and additionally tied by Jesselton (11.1), Singapore (13.1) and arrival (16.1) c.d.s.,
Note: The estimated value of the cover is $200. Registration h.s. (Type R1, the earliest recorded date of use) in violet on face panel.

Papar Registered FDC of 16 May 1955 bearing the D3 Papar postmark. A very nice and interesting cover.
(Ref. Silamstar.)

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I'll email you the scan of bargain I got locally a few year ago :) 3 covers for RM45.00, I gave him RM50.00 and said "Keep the change !" Happy hunting ! :)


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The covers are very nice and utterly beautiful. My personal favourite is the one with the violet postmark! Congratulations for possessing such excellent showpieces!


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