Interesting Labuan cover 1893 to Channel Islands



Labuan stamps on cover remain elusive among the British Borneo philatelic collection. The early covers from this region are very scarce that to see some example of their usage would be a priviledge. The cover above shows the early usage of such stamp. In this example, the cover is franked with 6c. on 16c. stamp of 1891-1892 issue. This stamp off cover is priced at  £1800 in Stanley Gibbons.

The stamp is affixed upside down and cancelled with the 9-bars Labuan obliterator cancel. It is also tied with the Labuan D5 circular cancel dated FE 4 1893. Of note, the cover is addressed to the Columbian consulate, Jersey, Channel Islands - certainly not the traditional postal destination from this region. On the reverse is the seal of the Government of British North Borneo, along with Jersey arrival (Mar 9). Overall the cover is preseved well, although with some toning and stains.


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