North Borneo Postcards: A walk to remember...



On January this year, several interesting North Borneo postcards have been listed in ebay. The whole collection is altogether impressive with magnificient frankings on some of the rarest black and white real photo postcards. These fine postcards merit appreciation and it is no wonder the hammer prices were high. Many of these postcards were won by a sole winner except for a number of other postcards. The pictures are all amazing and sheer historical, so I thought I'll post them here for future reference or simply for a closer look and an in-depth appreciation:

1. Sandakan St. Michael Church

2. Native House with Suspension Bridge

3. A Giant Tree in Borneo Forest

4. View in forest with Suspension Bridge

5. Fisherman's Village, Sandakan

6. Native Boys of North Borneo

7. Natives of BNB Carrying water

8. Natives tapping Ruber Tree, BNB.

9. Fashionable Dyak Women, Borneo

10. Dayak Women, Borneo

Enjoy it!


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