Beautiful Hand-Illustrated covers from Labuan to NZ 1912


Cover 1: Labuan to New Zealand 1912 Shakespeare's Illustration

These covers appeared in ebay recenty and I thought they were quite eye-catching and beautiful. This one is a nice black and white illustration of Shakespeare's novel As you like it. There is a small writing at the bottom part of the illustration and signed by the painter with letters J, P and K. The cover is addressed to Miss Keasberry of Tirau, Auckland, New Zealand on 21 FE 1912. The sender's rubber stamp is also found at the back reading Labuan B.N.B in violet oval belt with presumably the sender's name, J.P. Keasberry. The cover is franked with Straits Settlement stamp 4 cents and tied with double ring Labuan D8 - the only Labuan postmark with "Post Office" inscription. Backstamped Singapore 26 Feb 1912.

Cover 2: Labuan to New Zealand 1912 Two Doves

Another cover painted in black and white showing two doves facing each other. Also addressed to Miss A. Keasberry with the sender's handstamp at the back reads Labuan B.N.B, J.P Keasberry. The cover is franked with 4 cents Straits Settlement stamp and tied neatly with Labuan double ring D8 postmark dated A 1 AU 1912. The cover was originally sent to Hamilton, Auckland New Zealand but redirected to Tirau (the red writing). Backstamped Singapore 5 AU 1912 and Hamilton 5 SEP 1912.

Cover 3: Labuan to New Zealand 1912 "The Knight Defeated"

The most interesting of all three covers with eye-catching and colourful illustration showing The Knight Defeated. Similarly addressed to Miss A. Keasberry in Tirau. Also franked with St. Settlement stamp of 4 cents and tied with two Labuan D8 cds dated 5 Sep 1912. Backstamped with Singapore transit mark dated 9 Sep 1912 and arrival cds of Morrinsville 17 Oct and Tirau 18 Oct 1912.
Overall, all three covers appeared tatty with some toning and tears but should very well be great collectibles. Seller also mentioned that the original letters were enclosed, I wonder what the contents were. A quick google of "J.P. Keasberry" indicated that he operated a hotel in Victoria, Labuan and that the middle name is "Peach". There is also an obituary section in Singapore Free Press announcing the death of Mr. Keasberry on 29.01.1920 at age 72 years old. If this is indeed referring to him, these envelopes would have been painted when he was about 64.


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