Cover with Character - Agnes Keith Letter 1943


Agnes Keith Letter

Everyone probably noticed this unique POW cover sent to Mr. & Mrs. H.G Keith. As the "M.r" was crossed out with pencil, it is natural to assume that it was sent to Mrs. Agnes Keith herself. The accompanying description for the cover is pretty much sufficient to tell the story behind the cover. Of note the cover reached a high end price of £321 although the listing was in private. Another interesting aspect about this cover is that it was resealed with Canadian censor label and handstamped with long box of Japanese violet censor mark "Borneo Prisoner of War Camp" - certainly not a very common feat.

Agnes Keith of course was well known in North Borneo history for writing several autobiographical accounts of life in North Borneo/Sarawak during the World War II. Among these is an account as Japanese POW in North Borneo and Sarawak. This cover was sent to Batu Lintang internee camp when Agnes Keith, her husband and her son were held captive by the Japanese. Silamstar had one of Agnes Keith covers shown in his blog. This one was sent from Sandakan to British Columbia, Canada:


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