Review of the Spink Singapore Auction Sept 2011 - Stolz Collection II



On September 24, 2011, Spink Singapore held an important philatelic auction on collections from British Southeast Asia. This includes rare items from Sarawak, Malaya and states, Singapore and North Borneo. A total of 1244 lots incorporating postal histories, stamps and collection lots were auctioned and only about 58% (730) of these were sold and the remaining 514 lots remained unsold. A bigger proportion of the lots were from Malaya/Straits Settlement, Sarawak representing about 20% and North Borneo/Labuan approximately 10%. There were negligible Brunei lots in the auction.

Cumulative price realisation (excluding buyer's premium) was £418,612. Spink had a similar auction a year ago with a cumulative price of £584,827 - The Stolz I collection.

The most expensive item in that auction was  a historical cover of 1863 written by the ruler of Sarawak, James Brooke to Ms. Browne in London. It managed to topped the entire auction with a remarkable hammer price of S$40,000 (£20,127). Another interesting postal history, also from Sarawak, was the outstanding 1897 cover from Baram to Vienna which managed to reach the final price of S$29,000 (£14,625). From North Borneo/Labuan, a cover postmarked Silam was the highlight of the auction.

The Highlights:
1. The Rajah Brooke Cover

Kuching G.P.O.
1863 (10 Mar.) envelope written by Rajah Brooke to Mrs Brown in London, marked "Marseilles", bearing India 2a. and 4a. pair (one damaged prior to use) tied by very rare "office of registry/sarawak" double-ring handstamp (Type PS2, earliest recorded date) and additionally cancelled "B/172" in transit at Singapore, showing red crayon "1/2" and London Paid arrival c.d.s. (27.4) with, on reverse, red "singapore/p.o" double-ring d.s.; the envelope with recipient's notation at left.
Sold for S$ 40,000

Note: This cover was carried on the P&O "Singapore", which left Singapore on 23 March and arrived at Galle on 30 March, transhipped to "S.S. Mooltan" which left the next day and arrived at Suez on 16 April. It then went overland to Alexandria for the "S.S. Euxine", which left on 19 April and arrived at Marseilles on 25 April.

2. 1897 Baram cover to Austria

1897 (20 Mar.) to Vienna, bearing 1895 2c. tied by "baram" c.d.s. (Type D1) in violet, in combination with Straits Settlements 1894 8c. tied by Singapore c.d.s. (7.4), showing clear Sarawak c.d.s. (5.4) with Singapore and arrival datestamps on reverse. Extremely rare and attractive.
Sold for S$ 29,000

3. Straits Settlement Block of 1 and half cents on half cent

Straits Settlements
— 1 1/2c. on 1/2a. blue, a magnificent block of sixteen (4x4) from the lower left corner of the lower right pane with sheet margin at foot and interpanneau margin at left, unused with mainly large part or full original gum; some splitting/re-enforcing, nevertheless in a fine state of preservation. The second largest unused multiple. A splendid exhibition item. S.G. 1.
Sold for S$ 19,000.

4. Sarawak 1895 Postal Stationery with fine Bintulu cds

1895 (1 Mar.) Straits Settlements 3c. stationery card to London, showing fine "bintulu" c.d.s. (Type D2) at lower left, violet Sarawak c.d.s. and the stamp impression cancelled in transit at Singapore (18.3); the card with corner creases. An extremely rare usage and the only known example of Straits Settlements stationery used at Bintulu.
Sold for S$ 18,000

5. North Borneo 1888 cover with Silam cancel and St. Settlements stamp

North Borneo
1888 envelope to London and redirected locally, bearing 1886 2c. (2) and 8c. tied by circular "silam post office/Lion/b n borneo" intaglio h.s. in blue, upon redirection GB 1d. lilac applied and cancelled by London "s.w./19" duplex, red Sandakan transit c.d.s. on reverse; the envelope a little soiled and with surface abrasion at foot. Very rare.
Sold for S$ 17,000.


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