North Borneo 3rd Flight Airmail Covers 1949


3rd Flight Boxed Airmail Postmark

In June 1930 two R.A.F seaplanes made several visits to towns throughout North Borneo. Mails carried in such a flight were cancelled with a special boxed cachet. The second flight (April 1933) via seaplanes S147, S1420 and S1151 made similar survey visits but did not carry any mails. The third flight took place in 06.06.1949 from Jesselton to other towns. No other towns were involved in the third flight and as such no airmail postmarks were produced.

The Covers

Cover 1

This cover appered in ebay on the 28 July 2010 bearing the boxed airmail postmark. It commemorates the First Civilian Air Mail by Malayan Airways from Jesselton to Kuching route. Affixed is North Borneo 25c tied by a boxed AIR MAIL/ NORTH BORNEO cachet in black and alongside a JESSELTON/6 JUN 49 cds addressed to Kuching. Backstamped KUCHING/ SARAWAK/ 7 JU 49 arrival cds. Sold for US $167.50.

Cover 2

This one appeared in an auction house in 2007. It was sent by John B. Dusing from Jesselton to Columbia, USA. The letter card is franked with double 25 cents stamps of 1947 issues and tied with the special boxed airmail cachet. There is also a neat double ring Jesselton cds dated 5 Jun 1949. The top left corner is inscribed "FIRST CIVIL AIR FLIGHT". Estimated price between $300-$400.

Kudat postmark on the 18 cents stamps


Got this picture from Anthony recently. I think the postmark is very nice and worth a mention, and is especially related to my post about the Kudat vs Kuching postmark here. The date in the Kudat postmark is 31 MAR 1911. I don't know how, but the stamps may have been kept for a while before being used in 1911, as the stamps are released in 1909 and overprinted in the same year just after 2 months. But the postmark is definetely Kudat, while the one I posted before was Kuching:

Sarawakiana concludes that the Kuching postmark on the stamp may be cancelled by favour on a previously dummy-cancelled N. Borneo stamps. Nevertheless, I think it's always nice to have both Kudat and Kuching postmarks on the same stamps for comparison...

Silam postmark for £10?


Got this set recently for a mere £10 from a UK seller. Sometimes you got lucky even in a place like ebay. As Silamstar puts it "God is fair!". I guess he's even luckier to have bought the whole set of 1939 stamps for $6! Wait, for just $6? You gotta be kidding me! :)

More about Silam Postmark of North Borneo.

Most Wanted June & July N. Borneo Stamps


"Most Wanted June & July 2010"

Even when June and July months combined, the top stuffs on ebay are still relatively inexpensive compared to the previous months. Perhaps it's the football factor. Or maybe because it's summer that people tend to go for long vacations etc. Nevertheless, old postcards dominate the list this time. We rarely see postcards go on top of the list...




1906 post card of North Borneo showing the black and white picture of the  Sandakan harbour. Funk Sandakan No 3, bearing British Protectorate stamp of 2 cents x 2, with Sandakan cds dated 17 May 1906. Transit Singapore.

Ended 13.06.2010

SG Cat price



17 bids



1907 post card from Sandakan to Sarawak. Postcard shows picture of 'Sandakan Catholic Church (St. Michael), one of the earliest church in North Borneo.
Transit Labuan and Singapore.

Ended 13.06.2010

SG Cat price ?


13 bids


North Borneo 1944 Japan Occ. 10 cents 2 types overprint on cover

The 1942 single line handstamped overprint and the 1944 three-line machinepress overprint on the
same stamp. Used on cover with Serian postmark and addressed to Kuching with Kuching military censor markings. Backstamped on the back.

Ended 20.07.10

ISC Cat Price
RM1500 @ US$477 (off cover)

23 bids



North Borneo to UK Kudat Red Cross Registered 1919. Excellent bird topical cover with four different values of the red cross semi-postals paying the registration rate to London. Dated February 4, 1919. Backstamps of Liverpool and London.

Ended 18.07.2010
SG Cat Price


1 bid



 Early postcard depicting " A Country Scene ", a great view of a bridge and some fishers / fishermen below the bridge and a building on the right side at Labuan / British North Borneo with great Labuan stamp and cancellations / postmark on front and back.
Ended 18.07.2010

SG Cat Price

5 bids

The selection criteria for this list include (a) stamps/philatelic items of North Borneo appearing in ebay, (b) must be available internationally and (c) must be on auction format only.

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